Giving up Facebook

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So 1 week ago i gave up Facebook…. I know you must think i am crazy but stay  with me a moment.. I took a look at my life and realized i was so far too focused on what people had posted on Facebook , making sure i posted enough stuff to keep people happy , Watching people’s post rather than contacting them , Missing important moments with my family because i was on Facebook.. I realized that a lot of my so-called “Friends ” were only watching my life not being apart of it. I realized that i was prioritizing all the wrong things and needed to make a change. So  i made the decision to delete my Facebook app and cut Facebook out. The first day was hard i was so used to picking up my phone and just scrolling through Facebook just because i could. Second day was easier and now on day 8 i dont even think about Facebook much at all. I have found the positive effects of no Facebook to be amazing. I am more connected with the people around me more focused on my study and just in general way more happy. I dont have to stress about what people think on Facebook and i am discovering who care’s about me and who dose not as they have to contact me direct now. I have learnt that Facebook has become to much of an important thing in so many of our lives. Something i have found is that so many people rely on Facebook to see how people are. You say you care about someone and yet the only way you know how they are is by what is posted on Facebook? Is that truly caring about someone? Show the people you care about how much you care in real life not in cyber life. No one is promised tomorrow make sure you tell the one’s you love just how much you do before its too late. It time to create real life relationship’s create real memories and be ALIVE!

“Live for the moment as this moment is only here once”


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