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My entire life i have failed. Not because i didn’t try but because i never had the support i needed to thrive. But that is all changing now!

I left school before i got my NCEA qualifications because i was kicked out of home. A  year later i started uni to get the equivalent qualification to NCEA but got involved with the wrong people and ended up getting kicked out of uni because i stopped attending class due to a death threat. I then attempted Correspondence school but failed as i just could not focus nor did i really care anymore.

A year after no study at all i started to complete Childcare education certificates. Which i passed with flying colors BUT then came my health issues which put a stop to everything. Then last year once things had settled a little bit i tried correspondence again but due to things beyond my control i was unable to complete it again failing….

I have not failed just found  ways that don’t work

Then 3 month’s ago i decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH i may be sick  i may have had a messed up childhood but i deserve more then this and signed up to do correspondence again! Here i am 3 months later and i am flying through it and doing so well. I need to have completed 80 credits by End of December 2016 and i currently have 29 credits ( More to come once my recent assessments are marked)


I have taken on what many see as an impossible goal and i am smashing it. Most students get 12 months to complete their course but i am doing it  7 months.

Impossible is not a fact its an opinion

I have the love and support and the determination i now need to SMASH this goal! I will achieve it there will be no stopping until the work is done! Next year i will do Level 2 and the following level 3 then move on with my ideal career! Career is still UN decided but i know the right thing will come at the right time.

Create a vision that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning

Stay focused achieve your goals get up every day and keep fighting for what you want ! Your worth everything you want in life.



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