Laughter is the Best Medicine

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When living with chronic illness you learn that in life you have to appreciate the little things. Yesterday i was reminded of how much even the little things can mean so much.Yesterday i was blessed with one of my favorite people coming over for the day. I have been having so major pain’s and had a few mentally though days this week so when i woke to a text asking if would be happy to have a visitor of course my answer was YES. My friend has been in the wars with health recently too so this was a blessed day for the both of us.

It was the first time i had seen her in two months!!! We would normally never go more then  2 weeks without seeing each other. We talked a lot!! Got the weight of the world off both our shoulders! We laughed so much!! We ate lunch had a cuppa and watched Netflix nothing major but a day that meant SO much too me.

Living with fibro has taught me that i need to have people in my life that will just sit and watch Netflix with me on bad days and come on adventures on the good days.

Laughter truly is the best medicine

Never believed that quote much until yesterday! I went from being depressed and over that day to smiling laughing and remember that life is okay! We all need to STOP and rest sometimes especially those of us with chronic illnesses.

So blessed to have amazing people in my life!



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