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So last week i finally went to see a new GP….. I have a few medical issues that needed to be addressed so i moved to a better doctor to find the answers & get the help needed to improve my health…

I knew my health was in a bad way but little did i know how bad it was…. My first appointment was covering everything and getting tests done to identify what was going on… My results came back this week and BAM it hit it me…. My heath is bad and S**T needs to change…..

This blog post is a real hard one to write… I need to be open and honest and share things i am scared to share. Things i know people will judge me for…. But its time to get real! Share it reality i am living and get moving on this journey….. This blog is going to track this whole journey… A place for me to share and track my progress..

A few years ago i was diagnosed with PCOS and then 1 1/2 years ago i was disgniosed with Fibromaylgia …… After my doctors appointment and test it turns out i still have PCOS but i DONT have fibromaylgia!!! Spent the last few years thinking i did and suffering to find out nope….

Doctor has diagnosed me as having serious pre diabetes so i need to start living a diabetic lifestyle and taking metformin….. Diabetes runs in my family and is a connected condition to PCOS so this didn’t really surprise me but was a little shock. So from today its a LOW sugar LOW carb lifestyle… As well as this my cholesterol is super high so i need to really focus on my nutrition.

My PCOS has been playing up like CRAZY so i have been referred to a specialist to figure out what is going on and start improving that…..

I ave also been send to a neurologist as this will hopefully figure out what is wrong with me and correct the incorrect fibromaylgia diagnosis….. Some scary times ahead as we figure out what else is wrong…..

As well as all the above my weight has gone up and up and up and up … I have been working on this but due to such a poor health is has been super hard…. I have now hit an extreme weight and need to work on this and stop it from getting worse…. I am starting this weight loss journey at…….170Kg ( yes i know its bad and i cant believe its that high but its time to change it)  so from now my life is focusing on Nutrition and exercise……. I will be sharing my journey on here and on instagram melzjourneyxx  and facebook https://web.facebook.com/My-Journey-944973108917448/

The next few months will  be hard and a up hill battle but i know i will get through it… I will stand and fight…. This health stuff wont defeat me…








  1. You can do this! The courage it took for you to write so openly about something so personal tells me that you can and will triumph over your health troubles. I can’t wait to read the posts that you write a year or two from now – I’m betting that they will be full of positive things that you have gained and achieved. [😊]


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