Asking for help….

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This blog post is one super close to my heart…. Something I really struggle with…. 

” You can do anything but you can’t do everything ” 

I am 23 years of age and should be able to everything that life throws at me… I should be able to cook clean walk eat create see friends I should be able to do anything and everything I want…. but unfortunently  that’s not the life i live..

I live a life where I need to plan what I’m doing and take everything i need to do into consideration.. I can’t just wake up and do whatever I like everyday. 

Some days i can hardly look after myself… other days I can do everything I need too. The hardest thing to accept when your this sick is that you lose the ability to look after yourself and live a normal life…  I’ve had to accept that some days I just need to ask for help… some days I can’t do everything…. 

It’s not shameful to need help! It’s not weak to admit you can’t do it all! Infact it’s the opposite! Your so strong for admitting you need help today!! No matter how hard life gets remember one thing your a warrior for getting through everything you go through! 

Find people who can accept your bad day! 

Find people who want to be there for YOU no matter if it’s a bad or good day. 

Find the people who come running when you say ” Today I just can’t cope ” rather then the ones who cut you off when it’s a though day… 

Find those people who lift you up… light up your life in many ways!!! 

I am so thankful for my AMAZING team of supporters!! I have a tribe of people who are there on the good the bad the pretty and the ugly… I have a tribe of people who help in many different ways on many different day. And I am blessed to have found them… Without my tribe I would not be who I am! 

So today I encourage you too take a look at your life and find those people… Once you have found them start being 100% honest and ask for help when you need it! Keep fighting the battle your strong!! 

Till next time


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