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After being so sick this past 2 weeks i am getting better and getting ready to SMASH my goals again. I have been cleared to start back into my exercise from Monday (13/02/17)… I’ve been unable to exercise for the past 2 weeks because of a serious kidney infection…I ended up super sick and unable to walk or eat or anything . Thankfully i am on the mend and cant wait to be back into things.

“To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first”

My plan is quite simple……. I am going to set myself a challenge…. A 21 day challenge to break a few habits that i have that i need to break. So starting Monday 13th of February and ending Monday 6th of march… Simple Small goals to get me back into my routine….

The Habits / Goal’s i am going to focus on are:

  • Walk once a day – Aiming for 1 km a day minimum. I want to build myself up to 2-3 km a day
  • Drink more water – 2L a day Minimum
  •  Clean Eating – Healthy Food ONLY – NO MORE TAKEAWAYS and CRAP food
  • Getting back into taking my medication

After such a long break and recovering from a horrible infection i am going to ease back into things.

All journey’s like this take time.. They don’t happen over night! Small steps to achieve big goals… This challenge and journey will be a long but great one…. I will be posting about it lots on Instagram and Facebook…. Make sure you follow me on my social media’s to stay up to date. I will update my blog once a week for the challenge to update how i am going… I will weigh in at the start of my challenge and then  again at then end to see how i go…

If you have not started your journey yet then start now! Your never too late to start your journey! NO matter what your excuse is stamp on it and try!!!!!!! Set a small goal and make it your mission to achieve it over a 21 day period!!



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