Yummy wrap creation 

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Tried another meal idea using the Farrah’s wraps today!! Today’s creation were sausage rolls !!! So much healthier then normal sausage rolls!! 
Ingredients : 

  • Sausage meat 
  • 3 wraps any of the Farrah’s range I used fire roasted pepper 
  • Sweet chili sauce ( or tomato sauce ) 
  • Italian herb 
  • Salt 
  • Pepper
  • Seasme seed 
  • 1 egg


Step one : put sausage meat into a bowl add Italian herbs and salt and pepper. Add as much as you like.

Step two Get 3 wraps out of packet place on bench or chopping board & spread with sweet chilli sauce 

Step 3 : place the sausage meat mixture into the middle of the wraps 

Step 4: roll the wraps up & place on a chopping board… have the fold end at the  bottom of the wrap. 

Step 5: Brusg the wraps with egg and add sprinkle sesame seeds on top 

Step 6: cut into pieces and place on a oven tray and put into oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.. 

Once the are cooked they will look like this

Great to have as a light lunch with a salad or would be fantastic for a party.. I had mine with a salad and a lemon waster! Super yum!! Highly suggest trying this recipe. 


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