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So its been a while since i updated this blog…. Things have been a little crazy with health stuff and family things… So here is an update and the plan for the next month.

So at the start of April my GP  diagnosed me with fibromaylgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome. So that on top of my other health issues PCOS , Pre Diabetic , High Cholesterol , Anxiety , Depression & PTSD… Pretty crazy list to look at especially when i am only 23…

So the last month its been a process of getting my head around everything involved with these conditions. I have had to grieve for the life i am losing. It sounds strange i know but its the reality. I am losing a life of freedom and ability to do everything and anything i want to having too plan think and my life revolve around my health.

My depression had  risen again and i was feeling beyond useless and sorry for myself… However now i am feeling a sense of fight again…..I spent some time the other day thinking about everything in life…. Thinking about where my life was going before i got sick and where it was going now i am sick…. I spent some time reflecting something i have not done before……. Here is what the outcome of my reflection was.

  • I am sick and yes it will control my life for the rest of my life BUT it dose not need to END my life. I need to learn to work with my health issues and make the most of life. I need to start taking the days as they come… If its a good day then i can do some of the tasks i need to do. If its a bad day i need to stop relax and do little tasks or do nothing at all. Each day i need to take SMALL steps towards my big goal of being as healthy as possible


  • I need to be more thankful and grateful for the blessings i do i have…. The days where i wake up with less pain or the days i have had a good sleep or the days i was able to get changed rather then staying in pjs due to pain. I have recently focused too much on the bad things and missed some of the good things. So I am now going to focus on the good things more. I saw this quote the other day and it woke me up to how blind i can be sometimes



  • I need to do more of the things that make me happy and bring JOY to my life. Such as Listening to music , Watching Sermons , Craft , Walking / Adventures , Seeing family  ,Connecting with Friends , Doing my Hair & nails etc Over the last few months these things have gotten less and less and less so its time to start working on them again and making life great again


  • Learn to say NO and be honest with how i am feeling….. This is going to be the hardest thing for me. I have always done everything for others and still do as soon as someone needs me i am right there no matter how sick i am and that needs to change. I need to learn to say NO and not feel guilty about it. I also need to start being honest when someone says how are you? rather then responding with a smile and i am fine….. I need to be honest with  me and everyone else.


  • Eating & preparing the right foods has been something i have not done recently so this is something i want to change and taking my supplements daily to get my body working to its full potential.

So after all this refection i have a few things to work on over the month….. So here is how i am going to do it.

  • I am going to set little jobs to do each day…… If i get them done YAY and if i dont then thats okay too they can be done when i can.
  • I am going to do a 30 days of gratitude / thankfulness… I will post a post each day on my Instagram and Facebook for what i am grateful / Thankful for.Then once a week ill post it up on my blog the past weeks worth of thankful/grateful posts. Starting today 19/05/2017 Finishing 19/06/2017
  • I am going to make sure each day i am doing at least one of the things i enjoy…. I am going to set a time each day when i can have 1 hr of me time to do one thing minimum i enjoy.
  • For this one i am going to try and say no to things when i cant do them… And when people ask how i am i am going to be honest and get people to insure i am not just saying FINE.
  • Make a effort to prepare healthy yummy foods each day and feeding my body what it needs.

So the next month is going to be a journey…….. I am really looking forward to taking this month to get myself on a better track….. Lets see where this takes me 🙂

Thank you for being on this journey with me. Your  support is amazing and appreciated so much… We all need someone to assist us in life and i am sure lucky to have some super awesome supporters in my corner ❤





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